Shield Battler-6 set
The "Shield Battler-6" set was only available in Japan. It was released in the year 1988 for a former price of around 6,000 Yen. The box itself is very flat and has a clear plastic window through wich you could see nearly all figures and accessories included. At the back photos show you how to use the accessories. You will find too a listing of the 36 Beastformers reissued and of the 36 laser beasts. There are pictures of the three bases, the three wagons and the three lasers #103, #109, #112 with there drills.
What's in the box ?
You will find six (6) figures each with their own weapon and specific shield. The beasts are the #90, #91, #93, #94, #96 and #99. To add more playability two (2) sleds (a grey one and a bordeau one) were also included in the set. Each can be combined with a shield and a gun to make a kind of little charger. You can make a train of sleds too by linking them front/back.
The inserts
If you're a fan of the Beastformer game you will be happy to find six (6) new cards to add to your deck. And as always, a little catalog will show you some others items from the line.