1988 Pre Toy Fair
The Pre Toy Fair catalogs are yearly catalogs given to prospective dealers and toy stores. They show items which will be available during the year. This catalogs are full of prototypes and some of the items shown into are never made for mass market.
What's in the catalog ?
In 1988 Battle Beasts are in their second year of USA distribution. The regular Battle Beasts (those with rub symbols) didn't appear anymore in the catalog. They were replaced with an all Laser Beasts production.
On the first page are the Battle Beasts "Crystal Creatures". According to the photo they are the figures #77 to #88. The name "Crystal Creatures" only appear in this pages and will be changed later to "Shadow Warriors".
The text says :
"A new breed of beasts have just arrived, ready for the challenge! Each warrior's strength is magnified with a special crystal inset! When held in the light, it reveals the warrior's strength - FIRE, WOOD or WATER! Each 2-pack set includes two, 2" tall warriors with weapons and poseable arms!"
On the other page are the Battle Beasts "Battle Charger Vehicle Asst.". They are the figures #89 to #100.
The text says :
"Kids can stage their own jungle battle scenes with these action-packed vehicules! The vehicules convert to backpack for easy carrying on beasts' back! Each beast comes with its own unique battle shield taht performs a dual role. It can either be carried into battle, or become an integral part of the vehicule's armament! All vehicules come with a combat-ready figure with battle shield, weapons, and poseable arms!"
And finally came the Battle Beasts "Motorized Vehicle Asst". They are figures #101 to #112. Each comes with a motorized vehicle. There are only 4 vehicles but available in 3 different colors for a total of 12 vehicles.
The text says :
"The Battle Beasts roar into action with 12 all new, extremly powerful attack vehicles. Kids rev-up each vehicle by pulling it back, then watching it go! Each vehicle includes a figure with poseable arms, crystal inset and weapon!"
Differences beetween USA and Japan
There are a lot of differences beetween items shown here and items released in Japan.
The first and biggest is the colors of the "Mototorized Vehicles". In Japan three of the four shown here were each available with a specific beast. The #103 came with the eagle-like vehicle in red, the #109 came with the rhino-like vehicle in green and the #112 came with the shark-like vehicle in blue. The forth (the drill-like) could be found in Japan in marroon (punch box), blue (punch box too), gold (Versus Set) or yellow (mail offer).
Here the four vehicles are shown in three colors : blue (WATER), yellow (FIRE) and marron (WOOD).
Others differences are the color of the last 12 Beasts' weapon. They are grey here instead of the more sand color from Japan. The eyes of some figures are different too but tis is not very noticable.
This catalog is full of great informations. But now are a lot more questions for the Battle Beasts' collectors :
The pictures show only loose figures for the Laser Beasts. The blister shown on the first page is one from the Serie 1 with regular beasts. So do packages with "Crystal Creatures" exist ?
The last 12 figures have never been saw in USA packages. Were they cancelled before the 1988 Toy Fair ? Or were they released in small quantity only in some locations ?
A Dragon Sea Horn "Battle Charger" in US packaging has already been found : Does it means that all the 12 shown here have been released ? Or the Dragon Sea Horn could be a Toy Fair sample. But in that case it means that the "Battle Chargers" have been shown at Toy Fair, so maybe the last 12 Lasers too.
I guess that the Battle Beast line has not given all of its secrets. If you know any more facts about this 1988 Toy Fair or if you have saw items from the second page in USA packaging please contact me (beastformers@free.fr).
  Sylvain (text) & Krista (scans)