Second pamphlet
Thanks to Steve Borders we now have a second clue about the BeastFormers story. He translated the phamplet available in second wave boxes. Before reading the story it's important to read the first pamphlet and to know that the Stone Cobra is known as the stone statue Kobura in Japan.
The story
In the developing battle between the Cybertron Beasts and Destron Beasts in the huge forest areas of Planet Beast, one of the three great warriors, Red Phoenix the Flaming Fortress, has entered and led an overwhelming victory for the Cybertron Beasts. However, in the course of the violent battle, the stone statue Kobura has plunged Red Phoenix into the depths of a ravine.
In order to solve this stone statue's riddle, you must obtain the Puzzle Archives and Serpent Seal supplied by Red Phoenix. Red Phoenix, sensing a new crisis after the battle of General White Leo took flight to the Eastern Skies. Follow him and once again proceed to the interior of the forest zone...
Meanwhile, the Destron Beasts who lost the great battle continued their relentless and violent assault on White Leo. This time they can't lose. At the bottomless swamp in the center of the thick forest, White Leo must ambush Devil Bat who flew off for reconnaissance as soon as possible.
However, White Leo, who obtained all of the power of the super powerful Sun Burst, once again returns to battle! White Leo vs. Alligatron. The battle to the death of the kindred leaders is spreading. The two violently meet. And finally White Leo's photon sabre exploded into Alligatron's chest. White Leo is finally victorious. The Destron Beasts break up and flee.
Once again peace has visited Beast Star. However, something is beginning to happen at the calm Cybertron bases. There have been multiple unexplained accidents and occurrences!! Then on a stormy night, the reason became known. It was the return of the supposedly dead Alligatron!! Oh no! It is the omen of the power and materialization of Ghost Alligatron. Is that all or perhaps Ghost Alligatron found the means to revive Koburanda who fell to the bottom of the ravine.
  Sylvain (intro) & Steve (translation)