1987 French catalog
The year : 1987. The country : France. For the first time french toys dealers discover "Les Dragonautes" in pages of the all new yearly Hasbro catalog.
What's in the catalog ?
In 1987, 28 figures only were available in France. They consist of the serie 1 (figures #1 to #28) that was also available in USA. They were sold in 2 packs and were only labelled "Les Dragonautes". The communly seen blister card which are written "Battle Beasts/Les Dragonautes" were not sold in France but in Belgium (this information needs to be verified).
The text says :
"Sure to gain a great succes from the children in 1987! This fantasy battle beasts could be collected. Each figure have a rub symbol on its chest - with one of the elements: wood, fire or water. You just need to rub the black square to know which one.
Don't forget that the fire burns the wood, the wood floats on the water and water stops fire.
Each figure is entirely decorated and have articulated arms thus a weapon. There exists in all 28 different figures which could all have on their badge either fire, wood or water, which give a 84 figures collection at all.
The Dragonautes figures are sold by two in blister pack."
Last information, the case contained 48 blister packs and were referenced 9630.
  Sylvain (text) & Isabelle (scans)