European Chargers
In France (and maybe others European countries) figures #89 to #100 were all released on individual card. They were sold for a former price of about 30 French Francs. The art on the front of the card shows Laser Beasts. At the back is instructions to learn you how to use the accessories.
What's in the blister ?
The figure is sold with its weapon and a specific shield. The sticker on the shield represents the beast itself. There is a small sled too which can be combined with the shield and the weapon to make a sort of charger vehicule. The sled could be one color from this three : grey, purple and bordeaux. Beasts #89 to #92 were sold with a grey sled, #93 to #96 with a purple one and #97 to #100 with a bordeaux one. The sled could be put on the back of the figure when not used as a vehicule. They could also be linked together to form a convoy.