The Stone Cobra
The Stone Cobra is a mail away figure which means that it was never sold in any toys shops. To get one the young fans needed to send to Takara the two parts of a tablet. In fact two pieces of paper included in the Red Phoenix base for the one representing the left of the tablet and in the Sunburst set for the one representing the right side.
This Beastformer is not a totally new figure. It's just a new version of the Cobra (#59) made in a stone looking plastic.
A Stone Cobra variation ?
The figures were sent in two waves certainly due to the fact that the offer had more succes than Takara initialy thought. The only difference between the two kind of Stone Cobra consists in the symbol. Neither get a rub symbol but when the first Stone Cobra sent didn't have anything on the torso, the last ones get a small sticker of White Leo's face. It isn't a rub sign, only a sticker.