The world of chargers
The figures #89 to #100 have not been available in all countries the same way. In Japan six of them (#90, #91, #93, #94, #96 and #99) have been sold in the Shield Battler-6 set and the others six were sold in individual boxes. All the ones from the set have got a owner specific shield instead of the individual boxed ones that only came with a weapon.
In France, and maybe others European countries, the twelve were sold on individual cards and all came with a weapon, a specific shield and a sled. It's interesting to notice that six shields have never been available in Japan !
About sleds and colors
The sleds from Japan were available in two colors (grey and bordeaux) and both were included in the Six Shield Battler set. In France a third color appeared : purple. This exclusive color was included in blisters of Laserbeasts #93 to #96 when the grey one was available with beasts #89 to #92 and the bordeaux one with beasts #97 to #100. The main color of the sled is not the only difference. The color of the whells change too. The grey sled has orange wheels, the bordeaux sled have black whells and finally the purple sled has yellow wheels.
US release ?
There is not any information about a possible US release of this twelve beasts. An all english written carded Dragon Sea Horn (#95) has been found but we can't be sure it was really sold in US. It could be an authetic US released item as it could be an UK release or a test item used for toys shows. Only one thing is sure : it's a true rarity !