First pamphlet
Thanks to Steve Borders we now have a first idea of the BeastFormers story. He translated the phamplet available in first wave boxes. Before reading the story it's important to know that the Planet Beast is known as the Beast Star in Japan.
The story
Space History 2011...On an asteroid known as Planet Beast in the Decepticon Galaxy, the intelligent Beastformer race lived in peace. However, the scheming evil hand of Destron drew near to rule Planet Beast and the universe.
Planet Beast was ruled by a family of lions, who were hated by their servant Alligatrons. Galvatron, the Great Emperor of Destruction, supplied the Alligatrons with weapons in order to overthrow the lions, and hired the Sharktrons, the military escorts of Destron, to fight in the rebellion. This is how the Beastformer battle began.
Planet Beast was suddenly engulfed in war. Facing the Decepticon Beasts and Alligatrons who wielded the Destron Power, the Cybertron Beasts fled to the forests. There, the Platinum Tigers , the most powerful warriors of the Cybertron Beasts, headed for the communications room of the captured palace in order to appeal to the Transformer Cybertron Army for reinforcements.
However, the Alligatrons "Holography Mirror" trap was set there. The Platinum Tigers unwittingly entered the palace, and with a sudden blinding flash they were captured in the Holography Mirror.
Is Beast Star to remain under occupation? What about the fate of the Cyberton Beasts who would have White Leo as their supreme commander? And can the Platinum Tigers escape from the power of the Holography Mirror? The battle of the Beastformers has only just begun.
  Sylvain (intro) & Steve (translation)