Divers & Custom : 1987 French catalog   2005-05-06
      Scans of the Hasbro France 1987 catalog.
  Cards & Game : Stone Cobra card   2005-05-01
      The Stone Cobra card exists. To know more about it read this article. UPDATE : added photos of the card.
  Cards & Game : Cards translation   2004-10-24
      All translation for the cards are collected here. This article will be updated frequently. UPDATE : 3 new translations and more soon.
  Books & Story : Second Pamphlet   2004-10-24
      The second part of the BeastFormers story is online thanks to Steve Borders (once again). A big thanks to him.
  Divers & Custom : 1988 Pre Toy Fair   2004-09-10
      All you need to know about this Hasbro Pre Toy Fair 1988 catalog. Beware ! Great informations inside !
   news   2004-09-04
      Article about the European Chargers updated with the photo of the last 2 missing figures. You can now see all the European Chargers on this site.
  Divers & Custom : 1988 French catalog   2004-08-10
      All you need to know about this catalog from the Hasbro's French section. Beware ! Shadow Warriors inside !
  Books & Story : First Pamphlet   2004-08-01
      The first part of the BeastFormers story is online thanks to Steve Borders who translated the first pamphlet for us. Check the link page too to go to Steve's site.
   news   2004-07-24
      Photos are online for every articles now (exept the Stone Cobra and its card)
  Toy Line : Stone Cobra   2004-07-11
      Review of this exclusif figure.
  Divers & Custom : Beasts in the world   2004-07-11
      A summary of all Beastformers distribution around the world. This needs to be completed.
  Boxes & Displays : Rack Display   2004-07-11
      A review of the rack display from Japan.
  Toy Line : The world of Chargers   2004-07-11
      How were the chargers distributed in Japan, Europa or USA ? The answer is here.
  Toy Line : European Chargers   2004-07-09
      Article about the European version of the Laser Shield Chargers.
  Books & Story : The Beastformer Story   2004-07-09
      A little introduction to the Beastformers story and how it was released.
  Toy Line : Shield Battler-6 set   2004-06-25
      A review of the laser Shield Battler-6 set from Japan.